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Moss Walls

Reindeer Moss Wall

Composed of sound-absorbent Reindeer Moss Tiles in 30 colors, this eco-friendly wall uses large tiles for a solid or patterned look. It provides a unified, natural appearance, ideal for expansive wall spaces.

Mixed Moss Wall

Available in Organic, Forest, and Ecocanvas styles, blends different moss types and natural elements. This customizable design enhances both visual appeal and acoustics, offering a touch of nature to any space.

Mood Moss Wall

Featuring the luxurious texture of preserved Mood Moss, this style creates a lush and elegant wall for your space. The velvety and full appearance of Mood Moss adds an inviting and opulent touch, infusing your space with natural tranquility and sophistication.

Moss Logo, Gradient style Reindeer Moss Wall for Vavel Apartments

Your Guide to Moss Wall Costs

Imagine walking into a room and being immediately captivated by the stunning beauty of moss walls. You might wonder, "How much does it cost to bring this touch of nature indoors?" If moss walls are new to you, you're probably curious about their price. Let us clarify this for you!

Discover the Nature Behind Our Products

Discover the Nature Behind Our Products

Dedicated to protecting our planet, we're meticulous about the materials we choose. Our products are crafted from natural, organic, and recyclable materials, each selected for its unique properties and purpose. Dive into the story behind our standout everlasting moss and understand how our sustainable choices care for the world we share. Explore our site and catalog, and join us in shaping a greener future.

Forging a Greener Future Together

Forging a Greener Future Together

We set high standards for sustainable resource extraction and production. Our manufacturing and packaging utilize renewable forestry materials. By improving our packaging and protecting nature, we reduce energy and fossil fuel consumption, contributing to a thriving environment. As we move forward, we are dedicated to amplifying our pursuit of a low-carbon ecosystem, ensuring each decision we make shows our dedication to a healthier planet.

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