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Our Boston Office

56 Clematis Aves,

Waltham, MA, 02453

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:


To improve life by bringing the beauty and tranquility of nature indoors. We believe that green luxury can be both accessible and transformative, and we strive to create interiors that inspire, nurture, and enhance well-being.

A hand drawing of Wildleaf's design team

Haotian (Tina) Deng

Marketing Director/Founder

Tina is a seasoned landscape designer and the passionate founder of Wildleaf Inc., a biophilic design studio integrating landscape principles into interior spaces. With a dual degree in Landscape Architecture and Economics, Tina co-founded a successful landscape firm in Beijing and serves at a Boston design firm. Her rich industry experience provides a solid foundation for Wildleaf's continued progress.

A headshot of Shoka

Shaohua (Shoka) Xu

Production Lead/Co-founder

As the Co-founder and Production Lead at Wildleaf, Shoka joined the team in 2020. With a dual background in Interior and Landscape Design from Boston Architectural College, Shoka's artistic upbringing drives his uncompromising commitment to beauty and detail. His high standards for product quality ensure Wildleaf's offerings are always exceptional.

A headshot of Mia

Youtian (Mia) Duan

Design Director

Mia, with an impressive academic background from Rhode Island School of Design, Harvard University, and MIT, leads Wildleaf's design team with her expertise in furniture and interior design. As the bridge between Wildleaf and its clients, Mia ensures a smooth design process, effectively communicating client needs to the team, overseeing design outcomes, and delivering high-quality designs to clients.

Leader Team

Wildleaf's client: USGBC
Wildleaf's client: Accenture
Wildleaf's client: American Express
Wildleaf's client: Alibaba
Wildleaf's client: UnionPower Cooperative
Wildleaf's client: Hilton
Wildleaf's client: US OPEN
Wildleaf's client: Courtyard
Wildleaf's client: Loop EV Charging Network
Wildleaf's client: Coller Capital
Wildleaf's client: FORTPOINT
Wildleaf's client: Omaha's Zoo

Brands choose Wildleaf

What the clients are saying

“Our moss logo sign arrived today and it is gorgeous! Wildleaf Design Studio is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them and would work with them again in a heartbeat!”

- Ann Lee, Design Director

“My Client is very happy. Very easy to work with to design the perfect moss wall. Very quick responses.”

- Abraham Beabe, Interior Designer

“I am so impressed! The process was easy from start to finish and my new moss art is absolutely gorgeous.”

- Lori Dinkins, President of Interior Design Company

“Bright, colorful and creative! We love our custom moss sign amde like our company logo! Wildleaf Design studio was so easy to work with and our custom moss logo was delivered quickly.”

-Caryn Brookman, Business Owner

Our Story

Founded in 2019 in Boston, our biophilic design studio brings together a diverse team of designers, united by a common passion for nature and a desire to elevate interior spaces.

As the world grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognized the profound need to reconnect with nature, particularly within our indoor spaces, which became both havens and workplaces for many. With backgrounds spanning various design disciplines, we seamlessly blend creativity and biophilic elements to evolve with the unique needs of each project.

The heart of our studio is our devoted production team, where precision meets passion. Every piece is lovingly crafted by our artisans, each holding a profound reverence for the environment and its ability to inspire, heal, and empower.

Embark on a journey with us where nature is always the first source of inspiration.

A group picture of Shoka and Tina in front of a moss design
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