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Pricing the Green

Your Guide to Moss Wall Costs

October 11, 2023

Imagine walking into a room and being immediately captivated by the stunning beauty of moss walls. You might wonder, "How much does it cost to bring this touch of nature indoors?" If moss walls are new to you, you're probably curious about their price. Let us clarify this for you!

A moss wall is akin to a piece of art; its value lies not just in the materials but also in the design, craftsmanship, and overall impact. Factors include:

  • Choice of backing material

  • Frame and edging finish

  • Installation and shipping

  • Incorporation of logos

  • Inclusion of special preserved plants or other elements

Now, let's take a better look at these aspects.

1. Moss Types

The type and texture of the moss play a pivotal role in the overall investment.

  • Reindeer Moss: Known for its vibrant colors that evoke tranquility, it's priced between $58-$75/sq. ft., depending on the design complexity.

  • Sheet Moss: Offering a raw, natural appeal, which is $80/sq. ft.

  • Mood, Bun, and Mixed Moss: Distinct textures characterize these types, with prices ranging from $105-$120/sq. ft.

  • Cityscape Moss Wall: A modern blend of urban sophistication and nature, it's priced at $220/sq. ft.

2. Backing Material

Standard options like acoustic double-sided adhesive felt or wooden backing are common. However, unique design needs might lead to other material choices, potentially causing a slight variation in price.

Have questions?

Reach out to us to get your project started.

3. Edge Techniques

While edge detailing can enhance the moss wall's depth and appearance, it adds a minimal cost. Custom wooden frames, a refined touch, are available at a nominal fee per linear foot.

4. Installation & Shipping

At WildLeaf, we provide comprehensive installation guides to ensure a smooth process and to save you expenses. For Boston-based projects, we offer professional on-site installation services. Shipping costs will depend on the location.

5. Incorporation of Logos

Choose from neon, metal, or acrylic designs for your moss wall. We handpick designs that perfectly fit your style, and these additions are priced to elevate your space's charm.

6. Preserved Plants or Other Elements

Incorporating preserved plants or other unique design elements can elevate your moss wall further. As a reference, preserved leaves are available at a minimal cost per square foot.

At WildLeaf, we view moss walls as the nexus between innovative design and nature. While the general range caters to most design aspirations, we're flexible and can tailor solutions to meet various budgets. If designers join our trade program and the project size exceeds 100 sq. ft., we offer a special discount. Together, we can transform your vision into a space that blends enchantment with nature's essence.

We appreciate your consideration of WildLeaf. We're excited to co-create a beautiful space with you!


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