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Forging a Greener Future Together

October 20, 2023

reindeer moss

We set high standards for sustainable resource extraction and production. Our manufacturing and packaging utilize renewable forestry materials. By improving our packaging and protecting nature, we reduce energy and fossil fuel consumption, contributing to a thriving environment. As we move forward, we are dedicated to amplifying our pursuit of a low-carbon ecosystem, ensuring each decision we make shows our dedication to a healthier planet.

1. Our Environmental Commitment

moss in the forest

At the heart of what we do, we are profoundly committed to our beautiful planet. With care, we select recyclable and renewable materials, consistently striving to diminish our usage of non-recyclables. Only a slight hint of fossil components exists in our products due to adhesives, but we persistently seek greener alternatives.

2. Explore Our Material Consciousness

  • Recycled Modules

hand-picked moss
  • Environmental Conservation & the Future

sustainable future, kid-friendly
  • Material Recycling & Utilization

natural material, hand-picked

3. Our Materials Explained

moss frame
  • Moss: All of our moss creations can be easily disassembled for sorting. Before discarding, think about repurposing it into a charming moss pot as a considerate gift. We believe such small gestures can make any space feel more inviting.

  • Textiles & Felt: Sustainability is at the forefront. Instead of throwing them away, please transport them to your nearest recycling center. There, they'll be repurposed as textiles or transformed into energy.

  • Composite Wood Boards: Made from wood fibers, premium resin, and environmentally friendly adhesives, these boards necessitate responsible disposal. Refer to your local recycling center's guidelines and consider categorizing them with wood materials for recycling.

  • Softwood: Every wood piece tells its own tale. Once its journey with you ends, consider recycling or upcycling to commence a new chapter.

  • Metals: Both steel and aluminum are invaluable assets. We encourage you to take them to your nearest recycling centers, allowing them a chance for rejuvenation.

  • Packaging: Our packaging is primarily made of eco-friendly cardboard. Most recycling initiatives accept them readily. Ensure that you strip off tapes and labels for streamlined recycling.

  • Acrylic: To dispose of responsibly, submit them to a reputable recycling center, where they can be reborn into clean recycled items.

Have questions?

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