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Raw Material Traceability

Discover the Nature Behind Our Products

October 23, 2023

moss in the forest

Dedicated to protecting our planet, we're meticulous about the materials we choose. Our products are crafted from natural, organic, and recyclable materials, each selected for its unique properties and purpose. Dive into the story behind our standout everlasting moss and understand how our sustainable choices care for the world we share. Explore our site and catalog, and join us in shaping a greener future.

1. From Nature to You: The Moss Journey

reindeer moss at the field

Curious about our moss's journey? Here's a glimpse from its natural habitat to your hands, ensuring eco-friendliness every step of the way.

2. What is Reindeer Moss?

reindeer moss in winter

Also known as caribou or deer moss, Reindeer moss is an ancient lichen, primarily found in Arctic and tundra biomes. We harvest Cladonia rangiferina ensuring its texture and sound-absorbing properties remain intact.

3. Our Sustainable Journey​

hand-picked reindeer moss
  • Hand-Harvesting: Harvested from pristine forests (mentioning the origin), our method ensures the moss's ecosystem remains undisturbed.

  • Transport & Preservation: After sun-drying, our moss enters specialized drying chambers. Eco-friendly trucks, powered by green fuels, then transport them to our solar-powered facility.

  • Natural Dyeing: Using plant-based dyes, we naturally color the moss. After this process, it's back to the drying chamber, ready for our design touch.

  • Packaging & Distribution: We use repurposed boxes and materials for packing, cutting down waste. Our package design also ensures reduced fuel consumption during transportation.

  • Your Moss, Delivered: Once it reaches you, our moss needs no maintenance. It's vibrant, long-lasting, fire-resistant, and acoustically safe.

Have questions?

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