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Green Innovations

Wildleaf’s 2023 Year in Review

February 23, 2024

Reindeer Moss Wall for the Golf Event

Throughout 2023, Wildleaf artfully brought the tranquility of nature indoors, creating unforgettable green luxury experiences for our clients. Our projects spanned luxurious residences to innovative commercial spaces, showcasing the seamless integration of biophilic design and meticulous craftsmanship. Each project not only highlighted our attention to detail and deep understanding of our clients' visions but also demonstrated the endless possibilities of preserved moss wall art in contemporary design.

  • Reindeer Moss Walls for Golf Event

Wildleaf 2D Renderings & 3D Models of Reindeer Moss Wall

Wildleaf was tasked with creating two Reindeer Moss Walls for a prestigious golf event co-branded by American Express and US Open.

  • The first installation, an outdoor piece, spanned 24'-5" in length and 10' in height, set against a wooden backdrop.

  • The second, an indoor installation, measured 20'-3 1/8" by 10', featured on an irregularly shaped wooden panel.

Both pieces were designed to captivate and engage, incorporating the event's logo and promotional text into their intricate moss designs.

May 10, 2023    American Express & US Open

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These projects underscored Wildleaf's expertise in designing and implementing preserved moss walls, showcasing how we make each space unique. By working closely with our clients and deeply understanding their needs, we were able to craft beautiful, functional solutions that promote harmony between humans and nature.


As we step into a new year, Wildleaf looks forward to continuing this journey, exploring more innovative design possibilities, and creating more stunning green spaces with our clients. We believe that through our efforts and creativity, we can bring the beauty and serenity of nature to more people while paving the way for the future of sustainable design.


We are grateful for the support and trust of all our clients and partners over the past year and look forward to achieving more beautiful and sustainable design dreams together!


  • Mood Moss Wall for Colliers

Moss Wall Art, Solid style Mood Moss Wall for Colliers' office

A Mood Moss Wall at Colliers' office, with its luxurious, tranquil natural texture and simple design, beautifully welcomes visitors at an office entrance. Segmented by glass doors, its meticulous beveled corner detailing showcases serene elegance and craftsmanship.


Our specialized Adaptive Moss Integration technique ensures flawless installation across unconventional shapes and challenging spaces, be it on walls or ceilings. Whether navigating intricate angles or tight 90-degree bends, we ensure a dense, cohesive moss coverage, concealing any underlying panels and offering a seamless, natural aesthetic.

Dec 12, 2023    Colliers' Boston Office

  • Cityscape Moss Wall for LSU

Moss Wall Decor, Cityscape Moss Wall for LSU

Our custom-designed Cityscape Moss Wall incorporates Precision Metal Carving technology, featuring white metal and reflective brass to create a distinctive map appearance. This innovative design seamlessly integrates with the lush backdrop of Mood Moss and a wooden frame, achieving a perfect blend of sophistication and natural beauty.

Jan 13, 2023    Louisiana State University

  • Mixed Moss Wall at ICFF

Moss Wall Art, Forest style Mixed Moss Wall at ICFF

For the past ICFF show, we meticulously designed a Forest Style Moss Wall Art to create a serene indoor forest garden. This unique piece comprises three sides of Mixed Moss Walls, enveloping a "mini-garden" at the center. It's crafted from a variety of moss materials, plant leaves, dry bark, and mirrors, exquisitely showcasing the essence of nature and the forest. This installation is a testament to our commitment to blending art with biophilic design, inviting viewers into a tranquil woodland experience.

May 21, 2023    ICFF    Javits Center, NYC.

  • Gradient Reindeer Moss Logo Wall for Vavel Apartments

Moss Wall Art, Gradient Reindeer Moss Wall with a stainless steel logo for the apartment

Gradating moss colors and a polished stainless steel logo make a bold, contemporary statement. Our bespoke Gradient Reindeer Moss Wall, accentuated with a polished stainless steel client logo, has brought an elegant and splendid decoration to the client's apartment.

The main challenge of this project was the curved wall surface, which our specialized Adaptive Moss Integration technique addressed flawlessly. This method ensured the moss seamlessly adhered to the contours of the wall, resulting in a natural and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Aug 1, 2023    Vavel Apartments

  • Mood Moss Wall for Pokémon

Moss Wall Art, Mood Moss Wall for Pokemon

We customized a simple, round Mood Moss Wall for Pokemon to display their logo. This cooperation made everyone feel very happy and satisfied, and reminded everyone of the good memory of Pokemon!

For designers valuing a unified, pure aesthetic, the Solid Style Mood Moss Wall embodies a forest's essence through minimalism. Its distinct, undulating texture provides a unique color experience, showcasing exceptional spatial harmony and minimalist aesthetics.

Sept 25, 2023    Pokémon

  • Organic Style Moss Logo for Ari ON FOURTH

Moss Logo, Organic style Moss Logo Wall for Ari on Fourth

Introducing our meticulously designed Organic Style Moss Logo Wall, where nature meets corporate identity. Crafted using our premium preserved Sheet Moss and Bun Moss, this piece sketches elegant, natural lines against a lush green backdrop, making our client's logo stand out with grace. This customizable Moss Logo Wall, set against the hospitality's wall, offers an eye-catching green spectacle that captures the essence of eco-friendly elegance. Perfect for enhancing any business environment with a touch of nature's tranquility.

Dec 14, 2023    Ari ON FOURTH

  • EcoCanvas style Moss Logo for The Studio Modern Pilates

Moss Wall, Ecocanvas style Moss Logo Wall for The Studio Modern Pilates

Thrilled to receive amazing feedback on the EcoCanvas Style Mixed Moss Logo Wall we created for a Pilates studio! Clients are loving this biophilic art installation and the tranquil vibe it brings to their space.

The EcoCanvas Style is for those seeking a striking aesthetic that accentuates the diversity of moss materials. Focusing on various green shades, it delivers a vivid yet natural feel, creating a significant visual impact. Ideal for spaces wanting an eye-catching preserved moss wall that blends bold design with the serene ambiance of nature.

Mar 19, 2023    The Studio Modern Pilates + Mindful Movement

  • Mixed Moss Wall for Colliers

Moss Wall Art, Mixed Moss Wall for Colliers' office

Our team at Nature In Form LLC. developed an innovative biophilic design solution for Colliers, a global leader in investment management. By implementing a transformative office design approach that leverages biophilic principles, we enhanced environmental sustainability, employee well-being, and acoustic quality. This project successfully transformed their Boston office into a model of biophilic design with acoustic.

The core innovation of the project lies in our unique approach to the conventional preserved moss wall. Instead of using standard MDF backing, we implemented eco-friendly, high sound-absorbing PET panels, enhancing the acoustic performance (NRC above 0.85) while maintaining aesthetic and environmental integrity.

Dec 12, 2023    Colliers' Boston Office

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