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Moss Wall, Biophilic and Acoustic Design Synergies at Colliers, Colliers Office Biophilic Moss Walls

Biophilic and Acoustic Design Synergies at Colliers

PROJECT: Colliers Office Biophilic Moss Walls.

LOCATION: 100 Federal St Floor 13, Boston, MA 02110.

STATUS: Completed.

Biophilic Breakthroughs, Enhancing Office Environments

Our team at Wildleaf developed an innovative biophilic design solution for Colliers, a global leader in investment management. By implementing a transformative office design approach that leverages biophilic principles, we enhanced environmental sustainability, employee well-being, and acoustic quality. This project successfully transformed their Boston office into a model of biophilic design with acoustic.

Design Innovation and Problem Solving

We installed two preserved moss walls in Colliers' Boston office: one at the entrance, extending from outside to inside, and another at the end of a previously stark, utilitarian corridor.

The entrance moss wall serves as a physical and symbolic bridge between nature and the built environment, enhancing first impressions with a welcoming, verdant display. The corridor moss wall transforms a mundane walkway into a journey into nature, turning an underutilized space into a source of inspiration and tranquility.

Overcoming Design Hurdles, Insights and Discoveries

While working on the project, our team faced a challenge integrating the moss wall with the glass partition at the entrance. Achieving a perfect wrap-around at a challenging sharp corner, without damaging the nearby glass, required innovative solutions and precise craftsmanship. Our team persevered, employing careful techniques to ensure a seamless connection, maintaining both the wall's integrity and its visual flow from outside to inside. This experience highlighted our capability to overcome complex design challenges.


A surprise came from the overwhelmingly positive employee feedback, which exceeded our expectations. This reinforced the importance of nature in the workplace and inspired us to explore further biophilic applications.

The core innovation of the project lies in our unique approach to the conventional preserved moss wall. Instead of using standard MDF backing, we implemented eco-friendly, high sound-absorbing Wood Wool Panels, enhancing the acoustic performance (NRC above 0.95) while maintaining aesthetic and environmental integrity.

Our unique approach combines environmental features, natural forms, and sustainable materials to create an inviting and stress-reducing atmosphere, demonstrating our design's uniqueness in fostering workplace wellness and environmental sustainability.

Testimonials and Recognition, Validating Biophilic Impact

The project's success is evident in employee testimonials, praising the seamless integration of nature into their workspace. The reduction in artificial noise and the enhancement of natural ambiance have led to a more productive and focused workplace environment. Recognized academically and professionally, the design has been featured as a case study in AIA-accredited courses and contributes to LEED® v4 project credits, showcasing its sustainability and wellness impact.

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Sustainable Design Principles, Beyond Aesthetics

The Colliers project stands as a paragon of biophilic design, combining aesthetic appeal with sustainability. Highlights include:

  • Maintenance-free and sustainable design with a lifespan of over ten years.

  • Natural insulation properties contributing to energy conservation.

  • Sustainably sourced moss, adhering to environmental standards.

  • Health and productivity benefits supported by scientific research, leading to improved air quality and reduced indoor pollution.

This project not only exemplifies advanced biophilic design but also sets a benchmark for sustainable and health-enhancing work environments.

Discover the transformative power of biophilic design with Wildleaf, where nature meets innovation for a healthier, more sustainable future!

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