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Acoustic Moss Walls

Nature's Acoustic Palette
Reindeer Moss Wall

The Reindeer Moss Wall seamlessly integrates nature with architectural solutions. This dynamic assembly marries material authenticity with design, delivering acoustic efficiency and biophilic elegance. Comprising 30 standard colors, its modular tiles offer architects and designers the versatility to articulate spatial narratives — be it through monolithic expanses or intricate patterns. Whether in Solid, Panorama, Gradient, Debossed, or Mosaic formations, this system embodies a harmonious fusion of natural elements and design precision, ensuring aesthetic coherence and architectural depth in every application.

Tailored for designers with an affinity for unity and purity, the Solid style delivers a singular color experience, ensuring continuity and a minimalist aesthetic within spaces.

Solid Style

Through the artful assembly of large-scale color blocks, this wall manifests striking geometric or curvilinear patterns, infusing interiors with vibrancy and depth. It's an optimal choice for designers looking to establish a commanding focal point in their spaces.

Panorama Style

The Gradient Elegance Wall artfully transitions from deeper to lighter shades, introducing a refined color layering and fluidity to interiors. It's the go-to option for spaces desiring a harmonious color gradient.