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Moss Art & Decor

Cave Echoes

Cave Echoes offers a collection of preserved moss desktop decorations inspired by Native American culture. These high-end decor pieces combine minimalist geometric aesthetics with preserved moss, creating a natural and untamed ambiance. Crafted from preserved natural mood moss, they require no maintenance. Adorned with enigmatic symbols, these pieces embody the mystique and knowledge found in Native American heritage. Cave Echoes brings a captivating blend of preserved moss and cultural symbolism to elevate your space with elegance and a touch of the wild. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Cave Echoes and embrace the natural serenity it brings. The Cave Echoes series is versatile and can be used in various settings, such as home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, or even commercial spaces like boutique hotels or wellness centers. They serve as exquisite accents, adding a touch of natural elegance to any interior design style, including modern, minimalist, or bohemian. Invite the captivating allure of the Cave Echoes series into your space and experience the transformative power of biophilic design. Let the immortal moss desktop decorations inspire a deep connection with nature, while honoring the rich cultural heritage of American Indian symbolism. Embrace the benefits of biophilic products and create an indoor environment that promotes physical and mental well-being, fostering a sense of harmony, balance, and serenity.

Topiary Eternité

Introducing our 'Topiary Eternité' collection, a modern interpretation of traditional French garden topiaries, harmoniously blending the everlasting charm of preserved mood moss with the chic elegance of matte black pots. Imagine strolling through the manicured gardens of a French chateau, where every turn reveals a new topiary masterpiece. We've captured that same sense of wonder and elegance but with an evergreen twist. No pruning shears or watering cans here – our topiaries are as maintenance-free as they are breathtaking. Our collection is designed with simplicity, elegance, and functionality in mind. Every piece in this collection is a vibrant sculpture, crafted from the lasting liveliness of preserved moss, as vivid and lively as a summer's day, stands out against the sleek modernity of the pots, creating a striking contrast that accentuates the moss's natural color and texture. 'Topiary Eternité' invites you to bring this outdoor artistry indoors. These topiaries are as versatile as they are charming, making a statement whether they're welcoming guests on your front porch or adding a touch of green to your tabletop.