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WildLeaf is a biophilic design studio dedicated to creating graceful and textured plant spaces with tactile sensation.

Through design, we incorporate Maintenance Free Preserved Moss into home and business scenes to bring people closer to nature.

Cost Effective

While it reduces cost for maintenance fee, during winters, moss wall also provide an added layer of insulation to indoor areas, and reduces heating costs.

Acoustic Advantages

Moss naturally blocks high-frequency sounds while the supporting structure diminishes low-frequency noises.

Flexible Arrangement

They are easily moveable and can be designed in countless shapes and colors, which allows you to bring nature indoor while adding artistic sensation

Maintenance Free

Preserved Moss is a biophilic element with no special needs for sunlight or watering, etc. It's completely care free!

Real Natural Moss

Our Preserved Moss is harvested from forests in North Carolina,  then treated with a 100% natural emulsion made of glycerin to keep their quality, as well as freshness

Healthier Environment

Bringing preserved moss  to your indoor space will greatly enhances the visual aspects of your interior. The greenery will instill a sense of well-being, relaxation, and can even improve productivity



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